Choose smart. Choose Formator. Flexibility, professionalism, customer driven after-sales service and perpetual innovation, supported by quality certificates, as well as the consulting on the selection or development of the vast range of glass products, make Formator a smart choice.


We are a special safety glass manufacturers. Our products meet the most demanding requests for projects worldwide. Our greatest value are our employees, rich experience and will to accept the challenge. Our business is developed through a perpetuum company development and transparent relationship with our clients. We do not only offer the product, but also an information.


Our mission is to profile as a special glass reference point through development and growth of the company while effectively managing human potentials.

In its fifteen years of existence, Formator has grown fast having as its goal to satisfy ever-increasing customer demands for safety glass products. We have profiled as both safety and special glass experts. Our products are delivered all over the world, confirming our quality and reliability. We offer safety glass products, such as tempered glass, laminated glass, screen-printed and enameled glass, as well as special glass products, such as privacy glass, electrically-heated glass, anti-hurricane glass, anti-spy glass, LED glass etc. continuously developing new products.

FORMATOR safety glass

Address: Industrijska zona R29, Kukuljanovo 305
51227 Kukuljanovo (Rijeka) – Croatia
Tel. +385 51 503330 – Fax. +385 51 503360

IMSA Group GmbH

FORMATOR Safety Glass  was founded in autumn 2003 by IMSA Group GmbH.

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