Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered (toughened) glass is four times stronger than normal glass (annealed glass). When broken, tempered glass shatters into many small blunt-edge fragments, which prevents major injuries. Tempered safety glass can be incorporated into laminated or insulated glass.

Thanks to our new tempering technology, optical defects and distortions such anisotropy, roller waves, etc., should be minimized. Depending on the application, Formator can produce tempered glass in accordance with the following standards: EN 12150-2, ANSI Z97.1 and ISO 614.


  • Glass facades
  • Glass windscreens
  • Glass doors
  • Glass backsplashes
  • Glass partition walls
  • Glass furniture
  • Glass for home appliances
  • Marine glass applications



The production of heat-strengthened glass is similar to that of tempered glass. The difference is in the cooling time, which is longer than for tempered glass. In such a way, we obtain glass that, based on its mechanical and thermal characteristics, is categorized between annealed and tempered glass. In the case of breakage, heat-strengthened glass breaks into larger fragments with rounded edges.

Heat-strengthened glass is not a safety glass. Only if combined with a laminated glass does it obtain safety properties. Formator produces heat-strengthened glass in accordance with EN1863-1.



The heat soak test (HST) is used to minimize the risk of spontaneous breakage of tempered glass caused by nickel sulfide inclusions. In this process, the tempered glass is placed inside a chamber and subjected to a temperature of 290°C to accelerate nickel sulfide expansion.

Heat-soaked tempered glass is used to avoid the potential risks of spontaneous breakage and the cost and inconvenience of replacing shattered panes on-site. Formator produces heat-soaked tempered glass in accordance with EN 14179-2.

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